General Questions

Who is Decentrix?

Decentrix is an Internet products and services company approved by Echostar to provide DISH Network retailers a powerful set of web-based business tools. Specifically, we provide purpose-built web sites that always contain current DISH content, promotions, and pricing. Site features include the ability for Internet visitors to order online from your site. Those users who order online, in your direct installation area(s), will be sent to you. Those users who order outside your installation area(s) will be sent to you AND to Echostar where they will recieve a Virtual Certificate number so DNSC can provide their installation. You receive commission on both types of orders. Plus, Decentrix provides a complete Intranet suite (see Intranet Tools) for your business. Along with your web site, you receive an entire back-office set of tools in a secure environment where you pick up your online orders. These back-office tools include a complete collaborative Intranet suite for your business.

How do I promote my new Decentrix web site?

Promoting your web site is as personal as promoting your current bricks and mortar business. There are obvious and easy promotions such as including your web site name on all your marketing material. You should include your web site name on any other advertising media such as direct mail, radio, TV ads, or billboards. Painting your web site address on your trucks, including it in your phone answering message, or any outside signage is also a good idea. For suggestions on how to promote your business visit our Advanced Online Marketing Class Video.

What investment is required to get started?

There is a start-up investment and an ongoing monthly investment. View pricing details

Do I have to commit to a long-term contract?

No, the contract term is month to month.

I want my own DISH web site. How do I get started?

Three (3) easy steps:

  1. Complete the sign-up/registration form located at:
  2. E-mail your retailer ID and logo to along with a date and time you want to schedule your training. You will need to schedule about 90 minutes on the phone with us for your personal training session. Note: If you don't have a logo, just let us know. We will add your Company Name to the site at no charge or create a stunning logo for you for only $199.
  3. Do you have a domain name registered?

    If YES, we need to know with which company you registered your domain name along with your username and password. This info is necessary for Decentrix to re-direct your site name OR call us and we can tell you how to do this.

    If NO, Decentrix can help you register one by calling Nancy at 303-899-4000, ext. 200 or go to and find the link at the bottom of the home page to register the name yourself. Once you have registered your domain name send an e-mail to with the domain name, username, and password.

Website Administration Questions:

How do I view orders submitted on my website?

You must log on to the Intranet from your website using your company id, user name and password. Click here to see full instruction on how to View Orders..

How do I change my Password?

You must log on to the Intranet from your website using your company id, user name and password. Click here to see full instruction on how to Change Password..

Domain Name Questions:

Can I use the Domain name that I currently own?

Yes. If you currently have a Domain name, it can easily be transferred to your new web site with Decentrix.

Does it cost more to use multiple Domain Names with my web site?

No. You can have as many names pointing to your site as you would like.

How do I transfer my current Domain Name to my new web site with Decentrix?

Once you sign-up with Decentrix, we will explain this procedure. In most cases, we will do it for you if you provide us with your registrar name, username and password. Don't worry, you will always own your Domain name(s).

Why would I want or need multiple Domain names pointing to the same web site?

You may want to keep track of statistics for each of your advertising campaigns or for each affiliate you have. By viewing statistics for each URL, you can see what's most effective in drawing traffic to your web site. Decentrix sites can have multiple Domain names allowing you to keep track of statistics separately for each name, even though you are actually sending visitors to the same web site.

Can I use more than one Domain Name for my new Web site with Decentrix?

Yes. As many names as you want can be pointed to your new Web site with Decentrix. There are no additional charges associated with multiple names.

Where should I register my Domain Name?

If you have not yet registered your domain name(s), we highly recommend using Decentrix Domains.

There are many Domain Name extensions such as .com, .net, .us, .biz, .tv, .org, etc. What do you recommend we use?

You can use any of the Domain name extensions, but the most popular and the most understood extension is .com. Other extensions like .tv can take longer to resolve or propagate through the Internet. This means that it can take longer before your new name is active and accessible to Internet users. Although your Decentrix web site is immediately available, you should advertise your site using the customized domain name you purchased. If you cannot find a .com name that you like you may want to choose a .net, .biz, .us, or .tv extension.

What if I don't have a domain name? How much does one cost? Where do you recommend that we buy one?

You can purchase a domain name for approximately $25-$55 per year depending on the extension (.com, .net, .tv, etc.). You can register with us at Decentrix Domains. When you select a domain name, be sure to ONLY select the option of purchasing a name and nothing more. All you need is the name.

Credit Card Questions:

Can I have automatic, online credit card processing on my web site?

Yes. Online processing authorizes or optionally charges the credit card immediately if you like, of the prospect or terminates the sale if the prospect's card does not authorize. If the card is rejected, the prospect is notified online immediately. There are additional Decentrix setup charges associated with automatic, online credit card processing and you will have to apply for this banking service with a third party. If you would like help obtaining a merchant account and online gateway from, please give us a call at 303-899-4000 ext 200.

What other charges are involved with automatic, online credit card processing?

Decentrix has a one-time only set-up charge of $295. The credit card merchants have their own charges for set-up and for each transaction.

Can I take credit card information online without having automatic, credit card processing?

Yes. Decentrix provides you with order details including the customer's credit card number in a secure, online environment that you have access to with your private Company ID, Username and password. Once you access the orders, in this secure environment, you can manually authorize the credit card and determine when you want to actually charge the credit card.

Do you provide security for credit card checking other than name and expiration date?

Yes. You have the option of turning on two (2) additional security levels. One is a name and address authorization. The other is the three digit card ID on the back of the credit card. This higher security checking can have the disadvantage of rejecting valid cards if someone accidentally makes a keying error.

Technical Questions:

What are the system requirements?

To use the Decentrix application all you need is a Windows-based computer with Internet Explorer 5.5 or better.

Do I need to install any software on my computer?

No. All you need is a browser and a high speed Internet connection because the Decentrix tools and services run on our own servers over the Internet.

How much Managed Disk Storage is allowed?

This varies. Initially you are provided 30MB of Managed Disk Storage. For each new user you create within the Intranet, 5MB of additional disk space is added to your total company allocation. For each additional 5MB of disk space that you utilize, above what you are allocated in total for your company, there is an additional $1 per month charge. The amount charged can be reduced when items are deleted.

What do you mean by Managed Disk Storage?

The Decentrix Intranet provides Managed Disk Storage as a standard feature. Managed Disk Storage ensures that our client's email data, calendar data, and files are protected on a secure server that is regularly backed up and only accessible by that client. Individual user data can be accessed and retrieved for a client company even if employees leave the company or if their PCs malfunction. If an individual's PC has problems, like a disk crash, all your company data can be accessed from anywhere you can access the Internet Managed Disk storage. This means you work in a secure and totally managed environment.

Web site Content Questions:

What is Dynamic Content?

Decentrix has patented technology that offers organizations to push content vertically. What this means for Dish retailers is that you are automatically provided up-to-date Dish content on your web site and at the same time you have the ability to localize and customize your web site. Without having to do anything, your site will have the latest Dish Network promotions, prices and graphics.

What is Conditional Content?

Conditional Content is content that appears on your site only when someone surfs to it under a certain condition such as from a link on one of your affiliate's sites or from a unique URL that brings up your site along with a unique graphic and text.

If I need help with the personal content on my web site who do I contact?

At anytime and for no charge you can send an email to You can also call our support team at 303-899-4000 and press 1 for customer service. For custom work such as a logo design, flash, or graphics we will provide a quote for each project.

Online Store Questions:

Can Retailers sell and advertise other products in addition to DISH on their web site?

Yes. You can add several additional pages to your web site with information that you create and keep up-to-date. There is no additional charge to do this. If you want to activate an online store to sell products other than new DISH sales, there is an additional $50 per month charge.

Does it cost extra to sell products other than new DISH sales online?

Yes. There is an addional $50 per month charge which includes a shopping cart, catalog for your items for sale, shipping rates, tax tables, checkout facility, etc.

Security Questions:

What level of security does Decentrix provide?

We use the Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) protocol to encrypt all sensitive information submitted within our product and our web site such as credit card details.

Why don't I see https, in the browser window, indicating that I am in a secure environment when accessing the Order Processing page which asks for Credit cards?

As soon as someone enters credit card information the system activates the secure environment and the https will appear in the browser window.

What security do you provide with your Intranet tools?

User login transmits via an SSL connection so the user's password is protected. The operation of the Intranet product occurs completely within an SSL session. This means all information transferred between the user's browser and the Intranet system is encrypted and not subject to direct attack.

What security is associated with my web site?

There is no access to the end user sites except by the web site owner who can modify their site using authorized backend administrative tools. This requires authentication protocol to access the Intranet system and then authentication to the web site development tool.

What type of Network Security does Decentrix provide?

The Decentrix environment is protected by a custom built firewall system that only permits connections to provide the services of HTTP, HTTPS, SMTP, SSH and DNS. Each service listening on these ports uses well known software that is mature and maintained at the latest patch levels. All remote maintenance work on the production systems is performed using AES or triple DES encrypted sessions. There is no access method that uses plain text enabled on the production servers. Denial of service attacks are mitigated by the monitoring activities of our ISP and our own monitoring activities.

What physical security is available with Decentrix servers where my web site resides?

Our servers are co-located at a hosting service that provides physical security to our systems. Access to the facility is controlled by access key card and then access to the servers is controlled by combination locks. The facility is monitored and staffed 24x7. Access to the systems is restricted to ViaWest NOC staff and Decentrix operations staff.

Our websites and technology are 100% created and supported in the USA.